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Yoni steam Vaginal Steam
Yoni steam Vaginal Steam

Yoni steam Vaginal Steam

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What's a Vaginal Steam?

💕 Yoni steaming/vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice that utilizes herbs for vaginal steaming and overall womb health. A Natural Organic and Natural approach to treat menstrual and postpartum period and Pain. Decreased Fertility, Vaginal Discomfort and more!!

The herbs used in the steams consist of Raspberry Leaf, Lavender, motherwort, Mugwort , Calendula and more!

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Caution: Discontinue immediately if you experience any allergy symptoms.

DIRECTIONS: Bring 8 cups of water to a boil. Toss in one in a half bag of herbs with the water. Reduce to a low heat setting and steep for 10 minutes. Place water in a steam seat and attach it to your toilet once the steam has reached a comfortable temperature. Wrap your waist with a towel.

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