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How long does processing and shipping take?

If your order is not a pre-order, it will take 3-5 business days to process. Because the goods are created to order, pre-orders are processed within 3 – 5 weeks. The shipping time is determined on the UPS or Canada Post service that the customer selects. They will not deliver to a post office box. All clients who give an email or cellphone number receive a tracking number.

What is Sea moss?

Sea moss , commonly known as  Irish sea moss, is a kind of seaweed or algae found along the Atlantic Ocean's rocky coastlines between North America and Europe. It's high in carrageenan, a polysaccharide that's commonly extracted and utilized as a thickening and stabilizing ingredient in the food industry. Healing  Moss is clearing the way for  sea moss's great use in health and beauty goods. Sea Moss has a long history of usage by humans for culinary purposes, and Healing Moss is paving the way for its incredible use in health and beauty products.

How do I use Sea Moss?

Sea Moss can be consumed as a capsule, gel, powder, or mixed into a favorite beverage, or utilized in personal care products such as shampoo, lotion, or soap. It may also be bought in its natural, uncooked state and turned into a gel at home. Sea Moss is used in a number of products, so you may benefit from its health and aesthetic advantages no matter how you use it.

What are the benefits of using Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is a rich source of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which are beneficial to your health. Sea Moss' concentrated nutrients may help your body fight off colds and other invaders by supporting your natural immune response. Using Sea Moss has helped many of our delighted clients enhance their thyroid health, digestion, skin appearance, sexual health, and general well-being.

What minerals are present in Sea Moss?

Minerals may be found in abundance in sea moss. Carbon, Sulphur compounds, protein, iodine, bromine, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, pectin, b-vitamins, and vitamin C are all found in this nearly tasteless seaweed. Sulphur-containing amino acids, such as taurine, are plentiful in Sea Moss, far more than any other seaweed, which is unusual for a plant-based diet.

Where does the Sea Moss come from?

Our Sea Moss comes from the Caribbean Sea, just off Jamaica's rocky coast. Healing Moss harvests Sea Moss from the wild and utilizes it to make a variety of health products in the Canada.

Is Sea Moss safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Although we are not Medical Doctors, we have many expectant and Nursing Mothers who have used Sea Moss with no complications. If you have an existing medical condition or concerns, please consult your physician before using Sea Moss.

How Long Does The Gel Last On The Refrigerator?

If kept in a glass container and not covered, the gel will last for up to a month. We tested it for three months and found no signs of deterioration, and it retained its effectiveness. To minimize any potential difficulties, we recommend producing only what is required and utilizing it on a daily basis until it is done.

Why Is Sea Moss Sold Out Frequently?

We have a large client base, and once in stock, it usually sells out rapidly. We have to work with Mama Sea, so there are times when she won't let us dive while she refills herself with what was previously collected. This is how nature works. We also spend our time preserving it in the sun and moonlight to ensure that the phytonutrients are fully locked in. Our first duty is to thank and respect Mama Sea, as well as nature in general, for bestowing this gift onto us. So, as always, thank you for your patience as we harvest.

How Long Does Raw Moss Last Before Spoiling?

To keep Raw Sea Moss balanced and powerful, it is maintained utilizing a mix of sunshine and moonlight. As long as it isn't exposed to conditions that cause it to deteriorate, it will remain fresh. Keep it in a well sealed glass or plastic container away from the light and wet, dark damp locations where bacteria thrive. We've stored a batch in a zip lock bag in an open indoor location for four years with no signs of deterioration.