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What is the 7-day sea moss challenge?

The sea moss challenge is a 7-day cleanse that focuses on sea moss. There are three different categories of difficulties: Fasting – excludes any food intake and allows you to consume sea moss and drink spring water Juice cleanse – allows you to add fruits and vegetables to your sea moss cleansing diet Food and juice cleanse – allows you to eat raw or, at least, healthy food, in addition to your sea moss and fruit and vegetable juices. The 7-day sea moss challenge can be tailored to your specific requirements. While fasting is the most challenging task, the meal and juice cleanse provides for a more relaxed diet without sacrificing the cleansing diet's benefits.

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Is Sea Moss Good for Fertility? What You Should Know

What Effects Does Sea Moss Have on Fertility? The origins of the link between sea moss and fertility can be found in the Caribbean. Sea moss is often used as an aphrodisiac by the locals. They believe that since they began utilizing sea moss, their people's fertility has increased dramatically. While all of this is based on anecdotal evidence, there is reason to assume that sea moss is beneficial to fertility.Many nutrients linked to fertility can be found in sea moss. Sea moss is high in folate, which can aid in conception. Women who are planning to become pregnant should consume 400 to 100 micrograms of folic acid every day, according to experts. With 182 milligrams of folate in 100 grams of...

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